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A simple candle turned into a masterpiece, an iconic symbol of the journey towards healing and renewal.

Focused on inner strength, not outer world

Our Story

Once upon a time, in a mysterious town, there was a special monument shaped by the creativity of a brand called Jane Clavis. In the centre of the monument was the figure of a woman whose essence was covered with flowers.

Her eyes were closed because this figure was focussed on her inner strength rather than the outside world.

This female figure glows with the energy of nature, keeping her eyes closed and focusing on discovering inner beauty and her own potential. This monument is a reminder of the power that you always carry within you.

Every year, the townspeople gather around this special monument. At these gatherings, they share their belief in the power of nature and celebrate together. Jane Clavis' monument reminds you of your inner strength and inspires you to appreciate the beauty nature has to offer.

The story of this special monument tells the journey of each of you to discover your inner strength and the beauty of the outside world, through the figure of a woman with eyes covered with flowers. You are a part of this story!

In the depths of our being, it finds an echo in our hearts with our longing for a sense of belonging.

The flame of a candle illuminates not only the room but also your soul. Like the beginning of a fairy tale that envelops your home, these candles take you into the warm embrace of the past and paint the future with hopeful colours.

Amber, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sandal and more...

While a deep tranquility envelops your home with the warm, embracing touch of Amber, the delicate breeze of Japanese Cherry Blossom heralds spring in every corner of your home, while the serene note of Sandalwood will be the address of your peace and add a sophisticated atmosphere to the atmosphere of your home.